How to Improve Your Health During Spring Semester



Eat lots of fruits and vegetables.,
Add a vitamin D supplement.,
Get more dairy.,
Avoid skipping breakfast.,
Drink green tea.,
Avoid drinking too much alcohol.

Your immune system needs plenty of nutrients to stay healthy. The best way to get this is through having five servings each of fruits and vegetables per day. Have them at each meal as well as part of your snacks.If you are in a rush to make it to class, throw an apple in your bag or a few baby carrots in container to eat throughout the day.
Look for healthy vegetables from your college dining hall during your meals. Keeping these incorporated into your daily meals, even when you are away from home, will help keep you healthier during your semester., Spring semester starts when you have access to limited sun exposure in the northern hemisphere. In summer months, you can get plenty of vitamin D from the sun. However, the sun if farther away during winter and spring months and gives off only weak rays, which means you need to get your vitamin D from other sources.

Take a 1,000 IU to 2,000 IU vitamin D supplement every day to help boost your immune system as well as your mood.
If you are really far north, the sun may not provide you with any vitamin D at all, which is called vitamin D winter. In these cases, you should make sure you take at least 1,000 IU of vitamin D per day.
If you live in the southern hemisphere, the time of year you don’t get enough vitamin D will vary., Dairy products have high amounts of vitamin A and B12, both of which help boost your immune system. During the spring semester, try to add more dairy into your diet, such as yogurt, milk, and cheese. Some of these products can have a high fat content, so look for those make with 2% or skim milk.

String cheese and cups of yogurt are easy to take along with you to class and will help boost your immunity. The bacteria in Greek yogurt help fight many of the germs common during the winter months, so try to incorporate a serving of it a day into your diet., Although it may be tempting to skip breakfast when you are rushing to school or class, this can decrease your health. Starting your day off with a hearty breakfast of oatmeal, porridge, or cereal with some fruits or vegetables to go with it will keep you fuller longer and boost your immune system early in the day.If you don’t have a ton of time, try making a smoothie with fruits, vegetables, and even grains you can take with you to class.

, The winter and cooler spring months of spring semester are a great time to drink tea to keep warm. Try drinking green tea, which helps your immune system fight against oxidants and radicals that can cause illness.Buy a thermos or travel mug so you can take a cup with you to class. This will help boost your immunity throughout the day with the added bonus of keeping you warm.

, Although it may be fun to go out and party with your friends, avoid drinking too much alcohol. It can lower your immune function and put you at risk of getting sick.

Hangovers can also make you sick and lower your cognitive functioning.

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