How to Improve Your Health During Spring Semester



Get plenty of sleep each night.,
Avoid all nighters.,
Set up a sleep schedule with your roommate.,
Don’t take on too much.,
Cut back on caffeinated or sugary beverages.

Although school can be stressful, don’t cut back on sleep in order to keep up with your studies, extra curricular activities, and work. Losing sleep can put you at an increased risk of sickness, fatigue, and other health problems because it weakens your immune system. Instead, prioritize sleeping at least seven to nine hours a night.

Lack of sleep can also lead to burn out, which can be detrimental to your grades once finals start at the end of spring semester.Lack of sleep can increase chances for increased anxiety and depression as well.

, Although you may need to cram for an exam before a test or work on a paper before it’s due, try not to pull an all-nighter. This can mess up your sleep routine and cause you to get behind on your normal sleep schedule.

If you can’t avoid pulling an all-nighter, use naps throughout the next day or go to bed early the next night to help decrease your sleep debt.Be aware that studying through the night is not an effective way to study — sleep is a vital part of memory retention, in particular when converting short-term memories into long-term ones.So, if you do remember what you studied for the exam, chances are you will forget it in the long-term.

, If you are having trouble syncing up your sleep schedule with your roommate, have a talk with them. Come to an agreement that will benefit your both. This can include studying in a common space once you go to bed, using headphone to cut down on music or video noise, or using smaller lamps on their side of the room., It may be tempting to try to do everything on campus or join every after school organization; however, this can cause problems with your health and grades. If you overextend yourself, you are at larger risk of getting sick. Only take on what you can feasibly do while maintaining your sleep schedule, health, and GPA.This can be even harsher during spring semester because the break you have between semesters is shorter than summer break.

, Although going to the coffee shop with your friends can be fun, drinking too much caffeine can cause you to be too jittery to sleep. Sugary beverages can have the same effect. This can cause you to lose sleep over time, which can be detrimental to your health.

Try to drink decaffeinated coffee or use all natural non-sugary sweeteners.

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