How to Improve Your Health



Exercise at least 30 minutes a day, five times a week.,
Start small by exercising one to two times a week.,
Invest in a fitness tracker.,
Stretch your body.,
Develop an exercise routine that works for you.

It is recommended that you get at least 150 minutes of moderate activity in a week or 75 minutes of vigorous activity.Getting your heart rate up for just 30 minutes a day increases your health as you age and can have positive impacts on brain function, improving focus and mood.Go for a brisk walk (15 minute mile) around the neighborhood before or after work.
Exercise in water for a low impact workout.
Try weight lifting. Cardio exercises are not the only way to get your heart rate up. Weight lifting can be a very rewarding exercise and helps you stay fit. Strength training also helps maintain bone density as you age, which helps prevent osteoporosis..

, Don’t try to change your whole life routine in one day; it won’t work very well. Start by implementing small changes that can grow into something more. Try adding exercise one to two times per week. Gradually increase this until you’re doing something small at least once a day. You can also add a small exercise to something you normally do every day:

Try doing pushups, sit-ups, or jogging in place while the water warms up for the shower.
Walk around while talking on the phone.
Do a few calf raises while you’re waiting for water to boil.

, Keeping track of your walking and exercise can help make you more aware of the amount you get up and move in a day. Some trackers can be set to buzz if you have been inactive for too long, encouraging you to get up and stretch or walk around. Many fitness trackers also have an encouraging social community incorporated into the phone app that you can choose to use.

Ask friends and family to join a fitness challenge through the app to keep everyone motivated.
Set fitness goals for yourself and see how many days in a row you can meet them.

, Stretching may seem like a very passive exercise, but it will get your heart racing if you do it right. Stretching helps you maintain flexibility and strengthens muscles to help with balance and prevent injury.Start a daily routine to stretch in the mornings after you get up to add some energy to the start of your day.

, Not everybody can be a marathon runner or go to the gym every day. Exercise is all about getting your body moving and your heart rate up. Gardening, dancing, hiking, biking, swimming, and chasing after your kids and pets can all be great exercise.

Join a gym and try the fitness classes there.
Sign up for a sports team to exercise and be social at the same time.
Look under the “Fitness” section of a discount site and see if there are any classes that look interesting.

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