How to Impress an Older Sister Who Is Like an Older Brother



Do not think that just because she is a girl, your sister is weak in any way.,
Observe her behavior every week for a couple of months to see when she begins her period and what she is like during that time.,
Support your sister in her sporting endeavours.,
Give your sister her own special day.,
Bake her cookies unexpectedly to impress her.,
Make her a sandwich, or put together a bowl of creatively arranged fruit if no one else is around, or if you can not handle appliances like the oven.,
Stay close to your parents or other siblings, as the older sibling and possessing the male protective tendencies, she is constantly concerned for you and it can be stressful to run the length of a football field to see if the sound of a door opening isn’t you running outside alone.

Avoid high-pitched or loud voices.,
Do not question her knowledge.,
Do not just sit around playing games all day, get up and be active, invite her to play physical games like tag.

Strive to be the best in your classes and have top grades.,
Let her friends be her friends, get your own, don’t hang around long when she has them at your house.,
Learn to defend yourself.,
Be aware that big sister that are like big brothers may have a vicious, violent or even bully streak.,
Respect your big sister.,
Copycat her, but be very careful.,
Work up the courage to talk to her.,
Be aware of boundaries.,
Act extremely happy when you get her hand-me-downs, try to do something cute and ecstatic, like saying ‘Master has given Dobby a shirt!’,
Quote funny movies you and her have watched together to impress.,
Do your job!,
Make it known to her that you want to be her friend and build a strong bond together, you don’t mean to annoy her.

Be tougher and roughhouse with her.

If your big sister likes to be thought of as more of a big brother, and you want to impress her, act as if she was a brother! She can run with the best of them. Do not treat her like she is a delicate flower, as she will be very irritated.;
, If you are aware of the pattern, you will have a better chance of surviving and not irritating your sister-bro by accident if applicable. Any female may prefer you mind your own business with regards to her menstrual cycle so it may pay to keep your observations to yourself.

, Go and watch your sister competing, or even just practicing. Ask her ahead of time if it is alright for you to cheer her on, as your loud voice could distract. Ensure you behave appropriately when you impress your older sister by watching her do her sport, so you don’t get blamed for being a distraction!

, There’s Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Why not name a day after your sister to impress her? Promise that you will listen to her, at least, throughout the day.

, Have your mother, father, or another older sibling supervise you if required.

, This is something that often impresses older sisters who are more like big brothers

,, Your playful squeal can be misinterpreted as a scream of pain, and high-pitched playing is extremely, unbearably annoying. Being annoying does not impress.

, For example, she says not to pick up the puppy, listen first and think why she warned you – the dog could start wiggling around and bite you, thus you drop the dog and the result is you being chased across the lawn. Not listening to your big sister who’s like a big brother will make her disappointed in you, not impressed by you.

,, Sisters love to have a younger sibling to be proud of, just don’t overdo it and try to do things better than her.

, Your independence will impress her.

, You can ask your sister if she is willing to teach you moves if she is well-educated in self-defense. Your big sister will be impressed that you want to be able to take care of yourself and she will most likely enjoy showing you her skills.

, Unlike sissy sisters, big sisters who are like big brothers May have a serious kickback. Avoid tickle fights, they can escalate to serious torture. Only get into a situation where you could be hurt if you are prepared to to survive being blindfolded, hands tied behind your back while being mercilessly poked.

, Do not wear her bras or read her diary or otherwise mess with something of hers. Aggravating your sister to the point that she chases you all over the house is not a game. End anything that leads to this immediately.

, Certain things you can copy and add your own personality on, others are labeled hers and are not to be stolen by you. Explain that copying is the sincerest form a flattery to her.

, Do this when she and you are having fun, and be sure to keep the conversation in high spirits so you keep that friendly atmosphere in order to impress her.

, Her room is her room, do not hang about in it.

, excitedly. This can be a real kicker if you have the voice and face for it. However, do not be overly excited, to the point of annoying.

, Reminding each other of those funny moments bring the emotions of that time to present.

, Big sisters who are like big brothers don’t like cleaning up your unwanted meals or taking the dog out on your shift or putting away the PS2 because you were done with it. Take the initiative to take care of responsibility. You can also try to take the initiative to help your sister. That would impress her for sure.

,, It may seem weird for a younger brother/sister to engage their 12-17 year old sister in a play fight, but they love it. But don’t act too hard and tougher than her. They might get too rough.

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