How to Impress a Popular Boy



Focus on your skin.,
Add color to your lips.,
Make your eyes bolder.,
Keep your nails pretty.

Having a clear face is an important step in grabbing a popular boy’s attention. While you should mainly rely on your natural beauty, you should also remove flaws or acne that distract from your attractiveness. In order to do so, follow a light makeup routine in order to hide small blemishes and bring out a natural glow on your face:

First, use makeup sponge to apply a thin amount of liquid foundation on your face. Ensure that it is the same shade of your skin; otherwise, it may appear unnatural. Be sure that you spread some down your neck in order to maintain the same color.
Second, use a large brush to lightly dust your face with powder. This will help the foundation to stay on your face, as well as create a proper base for additional makeup.
Third, apply concealer over remaining blemishes. If you have bags under your eyes, cover them as well.
Fourth, use a big brush to add a light dusting of pink blush or face color. A good example of an excellent brand is Bare Minerals Clear Radiance face color.;
, Take good care of them to prevent them from becoming dry or chapped. If you have kissable lips, they will most likely grab his attention. The image of your lovely mouth won’t be able to escape his thoughts if you follow the below steps:

First, apply chap stick to your lips every night. Forming this habit will prevent them from becoming chapped. Moisturized lips are ideal for applying lipstick in the morning. Another method is to brush your lips with a wet toothbrush, which exfoliates your mouth and removes dead skin.
Second, apply a light pink or red lipstick. Be sure that it is not too bold; otherwise, it may appear unnatural and unattractive.
Third, lightly apply a gloss to add shine to your lips.
Fourth, outline your mouth with a lip liner that is a shade darker than your lipstick and gloss. This step is optional.

, They are one of your most unique facial features. and can be used as means of seduction and flirtation. To further draw out their beauty, accentuate their appearance with eye makeup:

Lengthen your eyelashes. By drawing attention to them with mascara, you can bat your eyelashes and have your guy swooning at your feet.

First, decide on the type of eyelashes you would like to have. You have the options of either long, thick, or both.
Second, when using the wand, wipe excess mascara off of the sides by using toilet paper or the side of the container. There should be enough remaining to use on your eyelashes.
Third, apply mascara to your eyelashes with careful and light motions.
Fourth, carefully pick or wipe off excess clumps of mascara on your eyelashes. You can also use a Q-tip to fix mistakes or remove stray bits of makeup from your face.

Outline your eyes. To place emphasis upon them and attract attention, you can use eyeliner to give them a larger or smaller appearance. When purchasing eyeliner, find a mixture between liquid and crayon eyeliner, as liquid is runny while crayon hurts during application and is difficult to use.

First, pull down the bottom of your eyelid.
Choose the color of your eyeliner (black, white, brown, or silver). Apply it on or below your waterline in thick but moderate strokes. Keeping it thick is important, as the waterline may cause it to be washed off.
Carefully apply eyeliner over your top eyelashes. Keep your stroke light as a thick line will cause you to appear to have a black eye.

Add color to your eyes. For a unique appearance that complements your outfits, use eyeshadow to add a dramatic flair to your eyes. Although optional, it is recommended if you want to place the focus on your eyes.

First, choose the color of your eyeshadow. To be safe, you can stay with plain colors, such as pink, white, silver, brown, and grey. However, it is recommended that you stay away from black.
Second, use an eyeshadow brush to lightly apply the color over your eyelid.
If you wish, you could blend two colors together. Apply a light shade before blending it with a dark layer on top. A good example of an ideal combination is black, white, and grey. Brown, pink, and white is another. Purple, white, and silver is also ideal.

, Although they may not be as noticeable, your hands should appear just as beautiful as the rest of your body. Paint your fingernails and toenails, as weekly trips to the nail salon can be expensive. Keep your nails trimmed short unless you plan on doing french tips.

Clean your nails on a daily basis. Remove dirt and grit from underneath them. This will show that you take good care of your body.

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