How to Impress a Popular Boy



Be yourself.,
Have conversations with the popular guy.,
Make him feel helpful.,
Be mysterious.,
Show off your skills.,
Build a social life on the Internet.,
Don’t wait for him forever.

Although you may be tweaking your appearance, never forget that your personality can be a powerful tool. Although a popular guy may like you for your appearance, he should also like you for who you are. Otherwise, it is not worth it. Despite how people think you should behave, be yourself and do what you enjoy. Becoming a fake, lifeless doll who relies on people’s opinions is a bad direction.

, Without taking any steps forward, you will not be able to progress in a relationship with him. By initiating a conversation and showing that you are confident in yourself, you will catch his attention and show him that you exist. If you remain in the background and only stare at him, he will not be interested in you and may think of you as creepy. Find the right times to talk to him:

Use large group activities at school to your advantage. Show your intelligence and skills on projects, as this will impress him. Socialize with all the group members to prove that you are a social butterfly. This will also give you the excuse to talk to him. However, avoid placing your entire focus upon him, as this will cause you to appear desperate. Allow him to hang out with his friends, but occasionally drop by for a short conversation with him. After the project is over, continue talking to him once in a while. If he is interested in you, he’ll eventually start initiating the conversations.
Attend after-school meetings. Casual locations, such as the park or community swimming pool, are ideal as he may be alone or with a small group of friends. If you see him, wave and start a conversation about your plans and activities. However, avoid pulling him away for too long, as he may become annoyed.

If he has a small sibling, show your kindness to him or her. This will show the popular guy that you are good with children. However, avoid being overly sweet and fake; otherwise, he may dislike you and feel that you are using his sibling to win his favor.
Ask the popular guy about his interests. Show him that you are genuinely interested in his life. For example, if he plays football, ask him about last night’s game. However, if his hobbies bore you, avoid spending too long on the topics, as your boredom will show. Instead, find common interests or activities that you both participate in.
Compliment him. If he has a talent in a certain area that you didn’t expect, offer him a genuine compliment. This may open up the path to a new conversation. However, avoid gushing over him or being overly sweet; otherwise, he may feel uncomfortable.

, Accidentally drop your belongings, or ask him to reach an item on a shelf or locker for you. You could also ask for his help on a question or an assignment. However, avoid being needy and constantly asking for his help. You should also show him that you can be independent and strong without him. If you constantly cling to him, he may feel smothered and think of you as weak.

, Boys are often attracted by a flirtatious girl who knows how to set the tone. Use subtle methods to show your attraction to him, such as twirling your hair, lowering your voice, or wearing slightly suggestive clothing. Wear semi-low, cute tops, as well as dresses or skirts that fall slightly above the knee. Occasionally bat your eyelashes, and don’t hesitate to smile or wave to him. Have a confident walk as if you have places to be.

, Although boys may be attracted by a flirtatious girl, they are often turned off by one who constantly throws herself at them. In order to set the mood and raise his interest in you, add an element of mysteriousness to your personality. Be secretive about certain aspects of your life. If he questions you about them, use slightly flirtatious lines, such as, “I’d tell you, but then I’d have to kill you.” You could also drop hints about having a crush on a certain boy, but avoid revealing too much information.

, Although you should avoid completely bragging about them, attract his attention by flaunting your intelligence and talents a little. Jog past him to show him how fast you are. Do your best in gym class, or show him your excellent skills on the computer. By proving to him that you are capable of different activities, you will be able to capture his interest.

Beware of pushing your limits in skills that you are not good with. If he finds out that you are not as good as you claim, he may dislike you for lying.

, Make sure that you are also well-connected outside of school. Add the popular guy on several social media websites, such as Facebook and Twitter. Once in a while, send him friendly messages, which will let him know that you are thinking of him and that you care. Upload good photos of yourself, and make sure you look your best in them, as he could see them. However, avoid following all of his accounts; otherwise, you’ll appear to be a stalker.

If a friend tags you in a bad picture, untag it.

, If he has a girlfriend or doesn’t like you, find other nice boys. Understand that it is not the end of the friendship if he shows no interest in you. Continue to maintain your relationship with him by talking to him; otherwise, he may feel as if you were using him, and you might have destroyed a potentially important bond. Realize that there is still hope that he may like you in the future, but don’t heavily rely on it.

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