How to Impress a Guy in Middle School



Check your personal style.,
Don’t try too hard, be yourself.,
Make conversation.,
Keep your conversations simple and short.,
Keep the flirting to a tolerable minimum.,
Get on with your schoolwork, sports and other activities.,
Ask him out.,
Ask if you can be friends if he’s not interested in romance.

Are you making the statement you wish to make or do you need to make some style adjustments? This might be as simple as ironing out the wrinkles or as complicated as coming up with new, fun ways to wear your existing clothes.;
, That’s the easiest and most sensible way to land a guy who is going to relate to the real you. Avoid going overboard to impress or act differently, it’ll just embarrass him and cause him to keep away.

, Find the brave inside of you to strike up a conversation and have a good chat. Talk about school, sports, teachers, whatever! If you miss this vital part of trying to get to know him, no amount of hair flicking, flirting or dropping binders in the hallway when he passes will cause him to feel impressed by you.

Ask him questions about his interests and hobbies outside of school.
Share a little information about what you’re interested in too.

, Work onto the longer ones later, for now just enough to be interesting.

, There’s no need to overdo it and embarrass him in front of the others.

Avoid flirting with other guys in his presence. He’ll just figure you’re not the slightest bit interested.

, He won’t be impressed by someone whose marks dip or sporting performance falls short because you’re too obsessed with him.

Staying on track with the things that are important to your development and future is more impressive than flirting or making ga-ga eyes all day. It’ll also reassure him that you’re not the clingy type. He’ll appreciate the space you leave him.

, However, don’t pressure him or push him into going out with you; he won’t. Don’t keep asking until he says yes either––leave it be and let him think things over.

, If he says no to that, just shrug and say okay. He’ll come around sooner or later. He might see how you didn’t really care and really want you.

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