How to Impress a Girl in Class Without Talking to Her



Be the center of attention.,
Treat others well.,
Stay active during class.,
Establish your space.,
Have fun.,
Think about what she might like.,
Make eye contact.,
Get her attention with a fun gesture.,
Dress well.,
Practice good hygiene.,
Watch your body language.,
Keep your body open.

Getting a girl’s attention and making an impression is much easier to do when you’ve surrounded yourself with others. If she sees you as being the center of attention, she may become curious about you, wondering what draws people to you. Try surrounding yourself with friends and getting along with those around you to catch her interest.Try meeting with your friends just before or after the class starts. Be somewhere in the class that she can see you and how well you are engaging with your friends.
You might try walking into the class with your friends while you are telling a great story.;
, If you want to make a good impression, it’s always a good idea to treat others around you well. Chances are, if a girl is interested in you, she will be judging how you treat other people to get an idea of how you might treat her. Make it a point to show your character by supporting those around you in class.

Try complimenting good ideas that come up in class.
Avoid saying anything negative or sarcastic to others.
Remember to thank others who help you during class.
Always speak supportively and kindly to those around you to help make a good impression.

, If you want to get the attention of the girl you like, you will need to make yourself stand out during class. Sitting quietly and taking notes won’t get anyone’s attention. It’s important to engage the instructor and answer or ask questions to help you stand out and make an impression.

Try not to be a show off during class. Answering too many questions might make a bad impression.
Make sure your questions are actually aimed at furthering the topic under discussion.
Don’t make inappropriate jokes during the class.

, Women are generally attracted to men who appear more dominant and confident. To show how confident you are, you can try to establish your space whenever you are around a girl you like. Simply taking up whatever space you need can be a good way to get her attention.When you sit down, feel free to relax and take up whatever space you’d like.
For example, you might try extending your arm over an empty chair that you are sitting next to.
Stretching your arms up into the air can be a good idea.
Try to avoid being too aggressive or obnoxious. Make yourself comfortable, but not if it means making others uncomfortable.

, There are few things more attractive than a person who is happy, joyful, and having fun. Whenever you are near a girl that you like and with some friends, it can be a good idea to be open about how much fun you are having. People are naturally interested in sharing in good times with others. Enjoying yourself can be a simple and easy way to make an impression.Talk about an exciting idea or project you and friend are working on. Let your enthusiasm show to help catch her attention.
Try sharing a joke with your friends before class starts. Make sure you say it loud enough so she can hear it.
Talk with your friends about something exciting you have planned, such as going to a concert or going on a trip.

, Even though you haven’t spoken with the girl you are interested in, you might still learn a few things that she is interested in. Knowing what she likes can help you steer your conversations and actions in a direction that can make an impression.

You may have noticed that she was reading a book about a certain artist. You can try asking a question about that artist during your art class to show your interest.
Maybe she carries a backpack with her favorite band on it. You might try bringing up that band’s genre during a music history course.
Try talking about something you know she likes with your friends during class.

, Making eye contact is a great way to show you’re interested in a girl and to judge her interest. Whenever you feel it’s appropriate, try meeting her gaze for a moment. However, don’t stare too long as this may make her uncomfortable. Try to meet her eyes for as long as you feel is appropriate to get her attention.Remember to wear a friendly look on your face, offering a smile.
Try not to glance away quickly as this might make you seem un-confident or nervous.

, If you’ve caught her gaze for a few moments, you might want to make a playful gesture. This can be something simple such as making a silly face or sticking your tongue out. Playing around like this can demonstrate your confidence and interest to her., It’s important that you feel and represent yourself as being friendly, open, and approachable. You want to convey that you are confident, comfortable, and have a kind personality. Use your smile to break the ice and make a good impression on the girl that you like.Don’t force your smile. Let your genuine happiness show through.
Don’t put on a big grin or smile too long. This can cause you too look disingenuous or strange.

, Your appearance makes an impression on everyone you meet. This rule applies to any girl that you want to impress. You don’t have to wear a suit to make an impression, but you will have to wear clean and sensible outfits. Try evaluating what your clothes say about you to judge if you are making a good impression.Make sure your clothes are clean when you wear them.
Check to make sure your clothes fit well. Clothes that are too big or small may give you an odd appearance.
Make sure your clothes match or present an image that you think is appropriate.

, A huge part of impressing a girl you like is by practicing good personal hygiene. Chances are, if your hygiene is lacking, you may actually make the wrong impression when being around the girl that has your interest. Keep some of these basic hygiene tips in mind to help you make a good impression:

Take a shower everyday.
Wear deodorant.
Brush your teeth at least once a day.
Keep your fingernails trimmed.

, Your body language says a lot, without you ever having to speak a word. Take a careful look at your body language when you are near the girl you like. Make sure to keep these tips in mind when you are trying to say the right thing with your body language:Don’t hunch your shoulders down or forward. Have them naturally pushed back.
Stand up straight at all times, keeping your head up.
Avoid slouching whenever sitting down.

, If you are nervous or guarded when you are near a girl you like, you’re body language might demonstrate those feelings. Any kind of “closed off” body language will prevent people from approaching you. Taking an open and relaxed stance when standing or sitting can help show your confidence and send the message that you are open to interacting with her. Keep some of these tips in mind when trying to maintain open body language.Make sure you stand so that you are directly facing her.
Keep your arms down, at your sides.
Avoid crossing your arms or otherwise blocking the other person off.

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