How to Impress a Girl and Get Her to Like You



Hold a conversation.,
Don’t worry about social status.,
Remember that everything is not a competition.,
Be positive.,
Be chivalrous.,
Get along with her friends.,
Let the cell phone ring.,
Put the focus on her.,
Be interesting on chat.,
Don’t be afraid to be cheesy.,
Learn to cook.,
Be Yourself at all times.,
Treat the women in your life with kindness.,
Dress well.,
Exude confidence.,
Have interests that feed your soul.,
Display your sense of humor.,
Don’t be a suck-up.,
Practice being a good listener.,
Show your consideration and attention.,
Share kindness and empathy.,
Take charge.

It isn’t always about some elaborate way of getting her notice you and how you’re different in a great way. Everybody looks a million times kinder and more attractive with a smile.

Don’t be creepy about it. There’s a fine line between an attractive smile and the unnerving smile of a sociopath.;
, This is not exactly a crazy idea nor is it one that you would immediately think of as guys tend to think about big, heroic acts first. The truth of the matter, however, is that you can impress a girl simply by being able to hold an interesting, intelligent, and, hopefully, exciting conversation.

, It’s something that doesn’t matter to most girls. What girls really care about is attitude, confidence, and personality. So if you talk to that girl that is supposedly out of your league and do it in an interesting way, you may just find yourself on her radar real quick.

, You don’t always have to be the best. There are few things that irritate girls more than a guy who always has to be talking about how he is better than everyone else – at everything.

, Everybody has bad days, but it’s up to you to put a positive spin on it. Every gray cloud has a silver lining, as they say, and being able to find it is a very impressive ability.

, You don’t have to slay a dragon or rescue them from an evil king. Simply open the door for them, pull out their chair, let them wear your coat if they’re cold, or take their hand to help them out of the car or down some sketchy stairs.

And have some manners, will you please? Girls are not even remotely impressed by burps, farts, or other young boy-type behavior. Far more often than not they find these behaviors crude, annoying, and just plain gross.

, Nothing gets a girl’s attention better than a guy who is having a good time with her friends. Not only is the natural competition instinct triggered but she can see immediately that you’re likable and fun and that makes a lasting impression.

, This tells her that you don’t care about what else is going on when you’re talking to someone – especially her. The best is when they say something along the lines of, “Your cell phone is ringing.” Why? Because you can let her know that it can’t be anything more important than talking to her. Now that’s impressive.

, Ask her advice. Ask questions. Compliment her answers, her appearance, a talent you’ve witnessed her display, or her new glasses. Anything new about her or that catches your eye is a great topic to give her kudos on.

, It’s just like meeting someone for the first time in person so it’s important to make the same great first impression. Be honest about yourself and show her how you are unique just by being you.

Talk about her
Ask her what her likes/dislikes are.
Ask about her favorite bands.
Find out what her favorite music is.
Send her funny memes or videos.

, When you do it at the right time, with the right amount of silliness, cheesy lines like, “Do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk by you again?” can work like a charm. It not only shows your sense of humor but that you’re confident enough to let her know you’re interested in her.

, This doesn’t mean reading the directions on the box of mac ’n’ cheese and pulling it off correctly. Go to a website like and learn how to make it from scratch, practice it, and then do it with confidence in front of her. She’ll be hugely impressed.

, If she finds out that you’re not who she thinks you are, not only will it be embarrassing, but you will lose some major points as well. If she doesn’t like you for who you really are, she’s not worth your time and you can do better.

, If a girl sees you with your mom or sister and sees you have a good relationship with them and treat them well you have just made your likability soar. This doesn’t mean being obsequious, it means being thoughtful and considerate.

If they also see you playing with nieces/nephews and how much the children adore you? That’s huge bonus points.

, Some guys might take this the wrong way so understand: if you’re a T-shirt and jeans guy, then by all means where T-shirts and jeans. But ‘’’clean’’’ T-shirts and ‘’’clean’’’ jeans, not nasty, grungy ones or cheap dime-store ones either. It doesn’t take a designer suit and tie (though if that’s your style then rock it) it just takes some attention to how you look.

Being clean is very important and not just regarding clean clothes. That includes taking showers, washing your hair, brushing your teeth, etc.

, They key difference between confidence and arrogance or narcissism is that when you’re confident you’re proud of your accomplishments or whatever it is you’ve done but then you shift the focus of the conversation back onto her (or someone else). It’s not all about you because you know who you are and are fine letting others take some credit as well

., No one wants to date someone who does nothing in life because that’s boring. Women will be interested in knowing you more intimately if you have a rich and varied set of things that interest you. You should also never be embarrassed by the things that interests you. Is it geeky? Then own up to it because that is a powerful attractor as well.

These topics will also get you speaking passionately, which just takes the whole likability factor to stratospheric levels. Women love passion and showing you have it is key., We all like to be around someone who makes us laugh. For girls it is even more important as it speaks to the level of comfort and confidence that you have in yourself. The key is to make sure that your jokes aren’t at the expense of others. That is a big tip-off that maybe you’re not so confident and need to put down others to feel better about yourself.

This also true of being able to laugh at her jokes, even if they’re not all that funny. Remember, we like to be around funny people but we also like it when people laugh at our jokes.
Laughing out loud, and the ability to do so without reservation, is very appealing as well.

, No one likes a yes man. A girl might like it at first – everyone likes to always get their way at first. Eventually, however, it wears thin because you clearly have no opinion and thus no point of view, which is profoundly uninteresting. It could also mean that you don’t respect yourself enough to say what you think, which is also a major turn-off.

, It’s scientifically proven that women are more emotionally fulfilled through talking and sharing. This doesn’t mean solving their problems if she’s telling you about them. It means really listening and demonstrating that you’re hearing what they’re telling you.

You can let her know your listening through non-verbal cues, such as smiling, laughing, nodding, or reacting appropriately to the emotions of the story.
Repeat back to her what she said. Not verbatim, but by summarizing what she said both reinforces for her what she’s just told and that you are listening so attentively that you got it.

, Nothing makes a girl happier or gives her the warm fuzzies quite like knowing that a guy she is (or even isn’t) thinking about is thinking about her. This can be done in a wide variety of ways, such as:

Sending a link to a YouTube video you think she might like.
Text her a funny Vine.
Unexpectedly invite her to join your group of friends for a night out to a movie, concert, miniature golf, of any other fun activity.

, A lot of women will pay attention to one very specific behavior to see what kind of person you really are: how you treat your server at a restaurant. Two other key behaviors they watch is how you treat animals and children. If you score on all of these you just might have some swooning on your hands.

, A guy who is capable of leading, of making decisions and getting others to follow them is very attractive to girls. Couple this with being willing to admit mistakes and move on to make the appropriate and necessary changes and you have yourself a winning recipe for getting that girl to like you. Women of all ages like to feel protected and nothing says that like being the man in charge who is adaptable and confident as a leader.

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