How to Impress a Boy in Middle School



Write down a list your strengths and weaknesses.,
Smile and make eye contact.,
Wear clothes that make you feel comfortable.,
Pursue your own interests.,
Try not to compare yourself to others.

It’s difficult to put yourself out there without healthy self-esteem and a sense of confidence, and shyness is common in middle school. A big part of self-confidence is being more aware of yourself. Writing down a list of your strengths and weaknesses can help you uncover your best attributes. Play these up when interacting with a boy you like.

For example, if you have a great smile, be sure to use it often around the boy. Identifying your weaknesses can help you make improvements. ;
, Along with confidence, one of the best ways to make yourself more noticeable to a boy is to look approachable. Smiling gives the instant impression that you are friendly and approachable. Making eye contact is also important, but be careful not to stare. , A big part of confidence is looking and feeling your best. It doesn’t mean being overly fancy, just wear clothes that make you happy and it will be easy to project a confident image to the boy you like. For example, if you feel comfortable and attractive in certain outfits, wear them when you know you will see him.

, It can be easy to get wrapped up in having a crush on a boy in middle school, but spending some time on your own interests, such as sports, clubs, or other hobbies, can make you look more confident with yourself. Pursuing your interests may even give you something to talk about with the boy you’re trying to impress.

, Nothing kills confidence faster than comparing yourself to your peers. It’s easy to feel inadequate when thinking about what you don’t have, so it’s important to minimize these feelings if you want to get the attention of a boy you like.

Be cautious when it comes to social media. Many teens spend a lot of time projecting a particular image through their social media profiles, but this is often an exaggeration. Try not to dwell on what your peers are posting on social media because it can harm your self-esteem.

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