How to Impress a Boy in Middle School



Identify why you like this boy.,
Don’t be nervous about talking to him.,
Get to know his friends.,
Find an excuse to get his number.,
Don’t be too forward.

Be sure it isn’t all about his looks. Get to know him first so you can be sure he isn’t a jerk. Take opportunities to chat with him in class or in the hallways. Without getting to know him, you may eventually realize you don’t have anything in common. Maybe you enjoy his positive attitude or sense of humor.

, After working on your confidence and identifying why you like the boy, it’s time to jump in and talk to him! Make sure you talk about things he likes, or the conversation may die quickly. For example, if he’s on a sports team, tell him he played well. If you’re still feeling shy, find ways to be around him in a group because he still might notice you if you smile and make eye contact.

, They can be sources of information, such as if he likes you or the kinds of things that interest him. Ask them about activities they enjoy doing together.You can even talk about classes you have together or ask for help in a certain subject. Then you can use this information to make conversation with the boy you’re trying to impress.

If his friends reveal anything personal about him, be careful not to mention this to him. He may think you’re prying.

, After talking to him for a little while, an opportunity to ask for his number may come on its own. For example, if you’re walking on a class project together, that’s the perfect time to ask.

Connect with him on social media if he doesn’t have a cell phone. If he doesn’t have his own phone where you can call and text him, he might be active on social media. Mention Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and add him on those sites. Mention previous conversations or something he might find interesting if you’re looking for a way to initiate a dialogue on social media.

, Just a little bit of flirtation will get the message across. You don’t want the guy to think that you’d flirt with just anyone. Make him feel special about getting some attention from you.

Don’t talk about other guys. While you may not mean anything by it, this could send the wrong message to the boy you’re trying to impress. He may think you’re interested in someone else.

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