How to Ignore Your Sister or Brother



Unfollow your sibling on social media.,
Avoid answering the phone.,
Keep text messages brief.

If you’re trying to focus, stay away from social media altogether. If you are temporarily ignoring your sibling, most websites, including facebook, let you keep people’s posts off of your feed without needing to unfriend them. Unfriending on social media can cause drama that strains relationships in real life. Leave that as a last resort for long-term or permanent issues., If you see your sibling’s phone number pop up when your cell phone rings, let it go to voicemail. Avoid hitting the “Silence” button, as in many cases the caller will know you did so. If your sibling leaves a message, be sure to listen as soon as possible in case of an emergency.

, Unless your sibling has seriously wronged you, don’t ignore text messages completely. However, you don’t have to reply to them immediately. Make your own messages short and to the point.

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