How to Identify Birman Cats



Look for common Birman cat fur colors.,
Look for a single layered coat.,
Examine their paws carefully.,
Take note of the cat’s size.,
Look closely at the eyes and head.,
Observe their behavior and personality.

Birman cats are known as color-point cats, and are born fully white with pink noses.They are known as pointed cats because the majority of their coloration will be at “points,” like their face, ear, legs, and tail. Their color patterns will emerge as they grow, and can be diverse. Their traditional coat colors are seal or blue point but can also be found in: Red pointed, Seal Tabby (Lynx) point, Blue point, Blue Tortie, Chocolate Point, Lilac Tabby (Lynx), and Seal Tortie Tabby.;
, Unlike most cats who have double coats, a Birman only have a single layer coat. This will make their fur slightly lighter and softer to the touch with a ruff of fur around their neck., While Birman cat colors can be similar to other cats, their white paws, really make them stand out. All Birmans will have four white paws that almost appear like gloves. The myths about the Birman cat’s origins make a point to say the white paws remained so as a sign of their purity.If you plan on showing your cat, make sure the paws are fully white and as symmetrical as possible.
This is also a way to tell the Birman apart from other pointed cats, like the Siamese cat. While they may have similar color patterns, the Siamese or Persian will not have the starkly white paws.

, Birman’s are an average sized cat. They generally range from 7-12 pounds with females being on the smaller end of this range. They are approximately two and a half feet in length and their height should be 12-16 inches. They are considered a medium to large cat.If you are looking at kittens, this can be more difficult. However, most reputable breeders will allow access to the parent where you can better gauge the potential adult size of your kitten.

, While the white paws are a distinctive feature of the Birman cat, so are its deep blue eyes. The ideal eye color is a deep sapphire blue.

Birman cats should have a rounded face, medium ears and a “Roman nose,” which will give them a pleasant looking disposition., Over the years, purebred Birman cats have been selectively bred for a mellow disposition and to weed out any aggressive tendencies. Birman cats are quiet and have a chirp like meow. They are typically mellow, gentle, and sociable. They are very patient and gentle which makes them a great choice for a family or kid. They are very social cats so be prepared for a cat that will require a fair amount of attention and want to be near you often. Many people compare them to dogs for how attached they become to their owners.If they are kept with other breeds, they can sometimes act dominant.

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