How to Identify an Aegean Cat



Notice a semi-long hair coat.,
Look for two or three colors.,
Expect a medium, lean build.,
Examine the ears and paws.,
Study the eyes.

Aegean cats have longer hair that is described as brushy. The hair will be longer during the winter. They will shed during the spring and summer, which will make them look like a shorter-haired cat. They will shed all year if they live inside.The tail is thick and bushy. When they shed their hair, the tail will remain thick and bushy.;
, The coat of an Aegean cat is multicolored. Generally, they have two or three distinct colors in their coat. The main color is always white, and usually covers more of the body than the other colors. The other colors may be cream, blue, black, or red.This breed may or may not have tabby stripes.

, Aegean cats are medium in size. They have lean and muscular bodies with an athletic build. They generally weigh between nine and ten pounds. They have a long body and tail.Their athletic build makes them good at catching fish with their paws and hunting mice.

, The ears of an Aegean cat are distinct. They are wide at the base and widely set on the head. The ears also have rounded tips. The paws of the breed are typically rounder, and their legs are strong., An Aegean cat’s eyes are wide and almond-shaped, and they tip up slightly. The color of their striking eyes may be any shade of green, but they may also have shades of yellow or blue in the green.The head is a broad shape.

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