How to Identify an Aegean Cat



Determine if it is social.,
Expect a cat that loves water.,
Look for hunting tendencies.

Aegean cats are social and friendly cats. They love to be around people and can be quite affectionate. The breed is good around children, cats, and dogs.These cats love to talk and will sit and socialize with you.

, Aegean cats are from the Greek islands, and they often hang out at the docks and on fishing boats. They will also fish for food themselves. Due to this natural habitat, this breed loves the water. You can identify an Aegean cat by their enthusiasm for playing in water. They are not afraid or resistant to water.Aegean cats are good for people who like to be around water or fish and want a feline companion.

, Aegean cats are natural hunters. They love to explore, climb, and be active, and their natural athletic build makes them good hunters. If you have an Aegean cat, you notice hunting and predator-like movements.Aegean cats are known for hunting mice.

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