How to Identify an Abyssinian Cat



Look for a cat with a slim, athletic body type.,
Check for unique head and facial features.,
Examine the distinctive qualities of its coat.,
Look at the coat colour.

Abyssinians are slender and medium-sized. Their legs and tails are long, and they have a lean, muscular look, with a slight arch to the back. Their feet are oval shaped, and they seem almost to be standing on their toes at all times.Males usually weigh 8-10 lbs. (4-5 kg), while females usually are 6-7 lbs. (3 kg).;
, The head of an Aby is shaped like a wedge with a slight break at the muzzle, but their ears are the most striking feature. They are noticeably large and triangular; they are also forward-arched and alert, as if the cat is eager to hear everything. Additionally, an Aby’s eyes are distinctly almond shaped and can be copper, hazel, green, or gold., Abyssinians are shorthaired cats. Adult Abys have soft, fine, dense fur, lying close to their body. Their fur is short and ticked — that is to say, each hair has a light base, with three of four bands of colour, growing lighter towards the tip.Kittens are born with dark coats, but these lighten as they grow older.
These cats can also have light, faded blackish stripes around the face.

, The most common Abyssinian coat colour is ruddy, a warm, deep reddish brown. The ticking is black. Another common coat colour is chocolate; this is light brown. Sorrel, also known as red or cinnamon, is a light coppery base with chocolate brown ticking.

The officially recognized breed colours include ruddy, chocolate, cinnamon, blue, lilac, and fawn. There is also a “silver” variation for each colour, with this lighter colour appearing closest to the skin.

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