How to Identify an Abyssinian Cat



Notice the Aby’s intelligence.,
Appreciate its playfulness.,
Take note of the cat’s sociability.,
Check out its perching preferences.

This breed is known for its insatiable curiosity and quick mind. An Aby will likely explore every nook and cranny of your home, yet is lithe and graceful enough to avoid disturbing items (like breaking a glass or knocking over a vase) unintentionally.While Abys are certainly bright enough for training, many owners feel as though they are the ones being trained by this smart and crafty, yet lovable, cat.

, Despite their regal carriage and presumed sacred heritage, Abyssinians are actually very playful and extroverted. They love to play games and interact with their human companions, and can provide entertainment as the “star of the show” for long stretches of time.They are very affectionate cats, but are too inquisitive and athletic to be a traditional lap-cat. Lying quietly and purring for hours on end just isn’t their thing.

, Abys love their human companions, and it’s nearly impossible not to love them right back. They love attention, but aren’t bossy; they love to explore, but usually don’t cause many headaches; and they normally get along well with other people and pets.They don’t like being left alone for long stretches. On the other side of the coin, however, they also don’t prefer being one cat in a large group — they simply don’t want to share the spotlight to that extent. One or two other companions of either sex is usually fine.

, Abys like high perches with a commanding view of the surrounding space and anything going on there. Thus, expect to find them atop bookshelves, mantles, etc. Providing safe, cat-specific perches for them is a good idea.Abyssinians also love a good window vista. They want to see what is going on outside of their own little world as well.

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