How to Identify a Turkish Van



Observe the cat around water.,
Look out for signs of intelligence.,
Watch out for climbing.,
Consult an expert.

Turkish Vans are known for their love of water. Pay close attention to the cat when it is around water, and take note of whether or not it seems interested by water sources or attempts to submerge itself in them. You should never, however, force any cat to enter a body of water., Turkish Vans are extremely intelligent. They thrive when presented with challenging tricks, games, and puzzles. Try giving the cat a puzzle game and see how quickly it can solve it!

Try a simple game. Take a small plastic bottle and cut a couple of small holes in it. Then, place some treats or kibble in the bottle. In order to get the food, the cat will need to learn to roll and move the bottle so that the treats fall out of the holes.

, Turkish Vans love to climb. You might find the cat has perched itself high on top of cabinets or large appliances, like the refrigerator. If you do have a Turkish Van, you will want to make sure it has plenty of opportunities for climbing., If you think you have a Turkish Van on your hands, but are still unsure, consult an expert that specializes in cat breeds. This can be a breeder of Turkish Vans. You can also talk to your veterinarian for suggestions.

Be aware that without pedigree papers, it can be difficult to officially determine if you really have a Turkish Van, though you may be reasonably sure.

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