How to Identify a Sphynx Cat



Look for a Sphynx coat.,
Assess the cat’s head.,
Recognize Sphynx eyes.,
Look for a medium-sized body.,
Assess whether the cat’s back legs are longer than the front.,
Identify an affectionate disposition.,
Look for a friendly personality.,
Recognize a need for companionship.,
Assess the energy and intellect of the cat.,
Ask your veterinarian about the cat’s breed.,
Talk to a reputable breeder.,
Get a DNA test done.

The Sphynx is sometimes referred to as the hairless cat. However, this cat’s coat can range anywhere from a very short covering of fur to none at all. It does have a bit of fine hair around its nose, even when there is no fur anywhere else on the cat’s body.The cat’s skin is very wrinkled, both on the head and the body.
The cat’s skin may be a variety of colors and have a variety of patterns on it. There is no typical coloring or pattern on a Sphynx’s skin.;
, The Sphynx’s head is very unique looking. It has a small skull but very large ears for its body size. The cat’s head is slightly longer than it is wide, giving it an overall wedge-like appearance.The Sphynx has prominent cheekbones that accentuate its large eyes.
It also has no whiskers but prominent whisker pad areas.

, The eyes on a Sphynx are very large, set far apart, and lemon shaped. They come to a point on each side and these points are aligned with the base of the cat’s ears.The Sphynx can have a wide variety of eye colors, including brown, blue, green, and yellow.

, The Sphynx is a medium-sized cat with a generally proportionate build. Its chest is firm and broad and it has a full and round belly. Overall, the cat is medium in size and length, with a pleasantly muscular build.This cat also has a rounded and muscular rump.

, One unique feature of the Sphynx is that its back legs are slightly longer than its front legs. This can be seen most easily when the cat is standing fully upright.Both the front and the back legs are muscular but they do have wrinkles of skin on them.

, The Sphynx is known to be very affectionate with its family members. It often chooses to snuggle up with them whenever it is allowed to. However, this affectionate nature may be a combination of the cat looking for warmth and looking for affection.If you have a Sphynx, it is likely that your cat will want to sleep with you at night. They snuggle under the covers and create a lot of heat, just like a hot water bottle.

, The Sphynx is usually inquisitive and friendly with new people. This is an especially good trait for this breed because it gets attention wherever it goes due to it unique look. If your cat loves meeting new people, it may be a Sphynx.In general, this friendliness makes it easy to have the cat handled at cat shows or at the veterinary office. It also makes them good therapy cats.

, The Sphynx is a social cat that should not be left alone for long periods of time. It is likely that if you have a Sphynx, you also have a shadow that follows you around wherever you go.The Sphynx does best when it has company, so you may want to have several of them if you have to leave the cat alone during the day. Having a companion will allow the cat to have someone to play with and snuggle with when you are away.

, Sphynx cats are very smart and energetic cats. They love to play and can get a lot of stimulation from puzzle toys and other toys that require some challenge and dexterity.This intellect and energy can lead this cat to explore all areas of your home. It’s not unheard of to find your Sphynx on the top of an open door or walking across the ledge of a high window.

, If you are wondering about your cat’s breed, it’s a good idea to ask your veterinarian. This is the one pet expert that you may interact with on a regular basis, so take advantage of their knowledge.

Because the Sphynx is such a distinctive breed, your veterinarian will likely be able to easily identify one.

, In order to get verification of a Sphynx’s breed, talk to someone who breeds them regularly. A breeder should be able to identify the cat just by looking at photos and discussing the cat’s personality with you. If you think you have a Sphynx, contact a breeder of Sphynx cats and ask if they would consider consulting with you about your cat.

Look for a list of reputable breeders on the websites of national cat associations or breed appreciation groups. They often have lists of reputable breeders available., The most thorough breed verification you can get is with a DNA test. The DNA tests available for pets can identify breeds, as well as genetic abnormalities and problems. To get a DNA test done you will need to find a reputable company that does them, have that company send you a testing kit, and then send the kit back to the company once you collect a saliva sample from your cat. The company will then send you your cat’s results.There are a variety of companies that do pet DNA testing. They all charge a fee, so compare prices and online reviews of their services to find the right company for you.

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