How to Identify a Somali Cat



Look for a multi-colored long coat.,
Make sure your cat has a very bushy tail.,
Assess the cat’s body size and proportion.,
Inspect the cat’s legs and feet.,
Look for large, prominent ears.,
Look for impressive dexterity with its paws.,
Notice a friendly and confident disposition.,
Don’t expect a lap cat.

The general color of the Somali’s coat comes in four different colors: red, ruddy, fawn, and blue, which is generally perceived as grey. However, each hair on the Somali has several bands of color on it, leading to a generally speckled appearance. These bands of color on a animal’s coat is called “ticking.”The ticking on the Somali’s coat is the same as on an Abyssinian, but the Somali’s fur is just longer.;
, The Somali’s coat is generally long but its tail is especially bushy with thick fur. The Somali’s tail is especially prominent when looking at the cat and its bushiness gives the cat a very regal appearance.The cat’s tail should be widest where it meets the cat’s body and it should taper towards the tip of the tail.
The Somali’s chest fur may also be slightly bushy in comparison to the rest of the cat’s coat. However, it is not as busy as the cat’s tail.

, The Somali is a medium-sized cat that is usually around six to ten pounds in weight. It has a long torso for its size and a body that is relatively muscular and toned.However, despite its muscular build, the cat appears, thin, graceful, and light.

, Look at your cat’s legs and make sure that they are generally proportionate to its body size. The Somali has very proportionate legs, meaning that they do not appear overly long or short.The Somali’s feet are oval and compact. They should have five toes in front and four toes in back.

, The Somali’s ears are large for the size of the cat’s head. They are upright and softly pointed, which makes them a very noticeable feature. When looking at the cat directly from the front, the ears make the cat have a general appearance of alertness.The ears are very cupped at the base and they are set pretty far back on the skull, away from the eyes.

, Somali cats can use their paws with great skill, manipulating items more easily than other breeds of cat. They are known to open all kinds of doors, even those with turning handles. If you often come home to find an open fridge or cupboard door, you may have a Somali cat. Watch how your cat investigates its world. If it reaches out its paws to investigate and feel everything in its path, then that is a good sign that you have a Somali.

, The Somali is a pleasant cat that is not phased by much. It will gladly make friends with other cats or dogs that are not aggressive towards it. Even if another pet is aggressive towards a Somali, this breed of cat won’t run and hide, choosing instead to stand its ground.

However, the Somali does like the uninterrupted attention of its humans, so having this cat in a household with a lot of pets may be challenging., The Somali is not a cat breed that loves to curl up on a lap and sleep the day away. They are so intelligent and inquisitive that they hardly have time for that kind of thing. Instead of curling up and snoozing, look for a Somali to be investigating every nook and cranny of its home, climbing to the highest heights it can find, and looking out a window to inspect the neighborhood.With this personality in mind, be sure to give a Somali lots of interactive cat toys and give them things to climb, whether it be a cat tower or shelves along a wall that allow them to climb to great heights.

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