How to Identify a Singapura Cat



Engage your cat in play.,
Place your cat in your lap.,
Look for a curious cat.,
Talk to your cat.

Singapura cats are exceptionally playful and are unusual in that they don’t outgrow their kittenish desire for play when they become adults. In particular, they are known to chase balls of paper or climb curtains. Create a lightweight ball out of crumpled paper or tinfoil and try to engage your cat in play to gauge their interest., Singapuras love to sit in laps and crave human company. Place your cat in your lap to assess their interest in being with you.Singapuras get lonely easily and are often unhappy staying home by themselves for long stretches of time. If your cat displays destructive behavior when you are gone and meets the other criteria, it’s possible you have a Singapura.

, Singapura cats are known to be very curious, often to the point of getting into mischief. To test your cat’s curiosity, show them a toy then hide it behind a piece of paper. If your cat seeks out the toy even when it’s hidden, they are naturally inquisitive., Singapuras are not usually big talkers, and when they do “speak” their voices are tiny. Try to engage your cat in a conversation by chatting with them about toys or food. If you’re not getting much response, it could be that your cat is vocally shy, like a typical Singapura.

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