How to Identify a Siberian Cat



Feel for a dense coat.,
Weigh your cat.,
Look for green or gold eyes.,
Look for rounded ears.,
Feel for a muscular build.

Siberian cats are distinguished by their thick, triple-layer coats. Look for long guard hairs (the outermost coat), followed by the awn hairs (or middle coat) and then a soft supple undercoat. In their native Russia, these many layers help protect Siberian cats from the intense cold. The coats of Siberian cats can come in all colors.Typically a Siberian cat’s coat gets thicker and fuller in winter.
Siberian cats often have thickly furred tails.;
, Siberians are notable for their large size and ample bodies. Most Siberian cats weigh between 8-17lbs or 3.5-8kg. If you want to weigh your cat at home, a good method is to weigh just yourself, then weigh yourself holding your cat. The difference will be the cat’s weight., Most often, Siberian cats have almost perfectly round green or gold eyes. Though blue eyes are possible, they are much less common.

, Siberian cats’ ears have a rounded shape with coloring that darkens at the tips. Often, long hairs will stick out of the ears as well. The overall head shape is a wedge, usually widest between the ears and tapering to a small muzzle.Use petting as an opportunity to really look at your cat’s face. Pet them gently, examining ear shape.

, Siberian cats are known for being quite muscular under their thick coats. Run your hands over your cat to feel for muscle definition and size. Their paws are generally large to help them better catch prey as well.

Some cats don’t like to have their paws handled. If you don’t know a particular cat well, examine their paws with your eyes rather than hands.

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