How to Identify a Siberian Cat



Run some water.,
Play with your cat.,
Drop a utensil.,
Place your cat in your lap.

Siberian cats are unusual from many other breeds in their affinity for water. Discern your cat’s interest in water by running a bath or the faucet at the sink. Do they come over to bat at the water or drink a bit?Siberian cats’ coats are also waterproof. If your cat doesn’t seem bothered by the water, try putting a couple drops of water on their coat to see if the water beads up or soaks in.

, Siberians are active, playful cats who enjoy engaging with their caretakers. Try playing with a feather or piece of string to see if your cat likes play. Siberians are known to be vocal as well, so watch for vocalization—chirps, trills, meows—while engaging in play with your cat.Some Siberians have even been known to play fetch like dogs. If your cat fits the other criteria and likes to do this, it may very well be a Siberian.

, Siberian cats are unusual from other breeds in that they are typically not bothered by noise. Some people even describe them as “fearless.” To put your cat’s temperament to the test, drop something loud, like a spoon, near them to see if they startle. If your cool cat is unphased, you may have a Siberian on your hands.Don’t drop anything on your cat or drop any dangerous object such as a pair of scissors. Blunt kitchen utensils such as spoons, whisks or spatulas are good.

, Siberian cats are social, affectionate cats who often enjoy sitting in their owner’s laps. They’ve also been known to follow their owners from room to room to keep them company. Observe your cat’s behavior to see if they enjoy affection or prefer to be on their own.

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