How to Identify a Siamese Cat



Identify a modern Siamese.,
Identify an applehead Siamese.,
Look at the cat’s head.

Modern—or show—Siamese are easy to identify. Their bodies have been bred for extreme qualities: modern Siamese are slim, angular, and have a deliberately skeletal appearance. The modern Siamese cat also has an elongated, thin neck and tail. The cats look elegant, and commonly appear in cat shows and competitions.Due to the rigorous breeding practices that went into breeding the modern Siamese, the breed is predisposed towards certain genetic illnesses. However, modern breeding practices have improved, and modern Siamese cats can live long and healthy lives.
Like any purebred animals, Siamese can be susceptible to genetic health problems. These include congenital heart defects (including aortic stenosis) and amyloidosis: a disease which causes excess proteins to build up in the liver.;
, Applehead Siamese, also known as traditional, are much less angular and thin than their modern counterparts. Applehead Siamese have thicker, stockier bodies, and their tails and necks are both thicker and shorter than those of the modern Siamese.Although modern and applehead are the two common types of Siamese cat, there are some that do not fall completely into either of these categories, but display a body type that borrows characteristics from both show and traditional Siamese.

, As indicated by the name, the head of a traditional Siamese cat is rounded and almost apple-shaped. This is in stark contrast to the triangular, smaller head of the modern Siamese. The traditional Siamese will have a larger, heavier head that sits close to its body.Modern Siamese were bred for decades to have smaller and smaller heads, with increasingly angular features.
Modern Siamese with wedge- or triangle-shaped heads are genetically susceptible to respiratory concerns, such as asthma and bronchial disease, and dental problems.

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