How to Identify a Selkirk Rex



Look at the cat’s fur.,
Check the length of the cat’s coat.,
Look at the cat’s whiskers.

Easily the most identifiable characteristic of the Selkirk rex is their thick, curly coat of hair. The Selkirk’s curly coat will have a soft, plush appearance, and will be soft to the touch as well. The curled hair will be most pronounced around the cat’s tail and neck, where hair may bunch together.The color and pattern of Selkirk rex coats can vary from one cat to the next. There is no way to identify a Selkirk rex based on the color or pattern of its fur.;
, Selkirk rex cats can have either a short or a long coat. With either length, though, the coat will be thick and curly, although the types of coat curl differently. The shorter coat will curl evenly over the entire body, and will have the typical plush appearance. The coat of long-haired Selkirk rexes will hang down from the cat’s body, and will grow in individual ringlets.The coat will change somewhat as a kitten Selkirk rex develops. While the kitten is born with a curly coat, the hair straightens quickly and does not regain its curl until the cat is 8–10 months old.This can make identifying a young Selkirk rex difficult.

, Much like its coat, the whiskers of a Selkirk rex are curly. This is the case for both kittens and adult Selkirk rex cats. Unlike other cat characteristics (eye color, for example), the whiskers of a Selkirk rex will curl through its entire life.The curled whiskers of a Selkirk rex can be brittle compared to the whiskers of other cat breeds, and can even snap off. When petting a Selkirk, do not play with or pull on its whiskers.

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