How to Identify a Selkirk Rex



Ask the cat’s breeder or owner about its temperament.,
Play with the cat.,
Listen to the cat’s meows.

Selkirk rexes are known to have strong personalities, and are curious about their surroundings. The breed tends to be curious and very sociable. Since these qualities are easy to perceive when interacting with the cat, ask the breeder or owner if they’ve noticed these types of temperament traits.If the cat in question is living at a pet shelter, talk to the shelter owners or staff. They should be able to give you some indication as to the cat’s personality.

, In order to ascertain the cat’s personality for yourself, you should spend time playing with the cat, or at least pet the animal and observe its behavior. Selkirk rexes are playful as kittens, and retain that quality into adulthood. They enjoy active games and may even play fetch, so throw a cat toy for the Selkirk or let it chase a feather toy.As with any other breed of cat, a Selkirk rex will need time to feel comfortable around a new person. Sit quietly in a room with the cat; allow it to approach you, and let it smell you before you reach out to touch the cat.

, Selkirk rexes are a vocal breed. If you speak to the cat or play with it for long enough, it may respond with soft meows and playful sounds. You may need to listen closely, especially if you’re in a loud area, as Selkirk rexes do not project their vocal sounds very loudly.Since the Selkirk rex is a friendly, social breed of cat, it may become unhappy if it’s not receiving enough attention. If this is the case, the cat will likely protest by meowing or whining in a quiet tone.

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