How to Identify a Pixiebob Cat



Verify the cat’s shape and size.,
Observe facial hair and color.,
Examine the cat’s coat.,
Look for a short tail.

The pixiebob cat is a medium sized cat and has a sturdy build. Their build is one of the reasons why many people suggest that it is related to the wild bobcat. When evaluating its shape and size consider that:

The cat weighs between 8 to 17 pounds (3.6 to 7.7 kilograms).
They are muscular or brawny.;
, One of the most distinguishing features of the pixiebob is its facial hair. Ultimately, these characteristics are some of the most important in making the pixiebob resemble a bobcat. Some characteristics include:

The cat may have lynx tips on the ears.
Their hair may grow down along the sides of their face and resemble muttonchop sideburns.
The cat may have mascara markings that run from the outside corner of the eye to the cheek., The pixiebob has a thick coat that is relatively resistant to the elements. Thus, the pixiebob is well suited to the outdoors in colder climates. Ultimately, by looking at the cat’s coat, you’ll get a better idea of whether it is a pixiebob. The coat:

Is soft, thick, and has a woolly feeling.
May be shorthair or longhair.
Is usually brown spotted and tabby colored. It could be many different shades of brown.
Will have a spotted stomach., One of the defining characteristics of the pixiebob is its short tail. This, combined with the cat’s facial hair and color have led many people to suggest that the cat might be related to the bobcat.

Pixiebob tails may be as short as 2 inches, but they can sometimes be much longer.
Their tails may be kinked or even knotted.

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