How to Identify a Pixiebob Cat



Talk to a veterinarian.,
Consult an expert.,
Educate yourself about the pixiebob.

Your veterinarian is one of the best resources in helping you confirm if a cat is a pixiebob. Ultimately, your vet will have substantial experience interacting with a wide variety of cat breeds.

Ask your vet their opinion.
If you don’t possess the cat, take pictures and show them to your vet.
Some vets may or may not require you to make an appointment to give their opinion about the breed of your cat. Phone ahead and ask the office staff to find out their policy.

, If you’re still unsure that a specific cat is a pixiebob, you may want to consult an expert. There are a wide variety of professionals who may be able to help you positively identify a cat as a pixiebob. Consider:

Contacting a pixiebob breeder. Since the cat is commonly viewed as a hybrid and is a new breed, you may not be able to locate a pixiebob breeder in your community. However, you may consider contacting a breeder via email and asking them if they’d mind looking at pictures and giving you advice.
Talking to a representative of a cat association. There are several national and international clubs dedicated to promoting diversity of cat breeds. While some do not recognize the pixiebob, others do. For example, contact The International Cat Association, which does recognize the pixiebob., The pixiebob cat itself is a relatively new breed. It is native to the United States. Ultimately, by learning some of the basics about the pixiebob, you’ll have more information you need to help identify them.

The pixiebob was unheard of until 1985.
The cat is native to the Pacific Northwest.
Breeders have selectively bred the cat since its discovery in the mid-1980s.
Since the pixiebob is a relatively new breed, DNA tests may be unable to distinguish it from other house cats.

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