How to Identify a Norwegian Forest Cat



Notice the long coat.,
Look for large eyes.,
Expect a triangular-shaped head.,
Assess the body shape.,
Look for a variety of colors and patterns.

One of the most distinguishing features of the Norwegian Forest Cat is their long, thick coat. They have a double coat that changes with the seasons. In winter, it can be extremely dense. They have tufts of hair around the neck, around the face, and along their thighs.Their ears have thick tufts of hair. There is also thick tufts between their toes.
They have long fluffy tails.;
, This breed has large eyes that are almond-shaped. Their eyes may be green, gold, or copper. If they are white cats, the eyes may be blue. Some white cats have mismatched eyes, where one is blue and the other is a different color.Many people get Norwegian Forest Cats confused with Maine Coons. The shape of the eyes is one of the features that distinguishes them. Wegies have almond-shaped while Maine Coons have round eyes.

, The Norwegian Forest Cat has a very distinctive head. The head is triangular-shaped. The nose is straight, and they have flat foreheads. They have medium-sized ears with a rounded point.

The head is another distinction between the Maine Coon and this breed. A Maine Coon has a more wedge-shaped head and higher cheekbones., Wegies are considered large cats, especially males. Males can range from 10 to 22 pounds, or five to ten kilograms. Females are generally around nine to twelve pounds, or four to six kilograms. However, they take longer to mature than other breeds, and may not reach full maturity until age five. The breed has heavy bones and is thick muscled. This combined with the large coat of fur makes them look even larger.The breed has a thick and muscular neck, and their legs are extremely muscular.
The paws match the rest of the body. They are big and sometimes look oversized.

, This breed does not have one specific color. Instead, they come in a variety of colors and patterns. However, the most common colors and patterns are brown tabby and white.

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