How to Identify a Norwegian Forest Cat



Find a reputable breeder.,
Adopt a Norwegian Forest Cat.,
Be patient.

Norwegian Forest Cats are not common breeds, so you may have to obtain one from a breeder. If you do this, find a reputable breeder. This cat can be expensive due to the fact that they are most commonly found in Norway. Many breeders travel to Europe to research the breed and obtain cats.Reputable breeders will provide health certifications. These will show that they screen for genetic health problems. Kittens will be raised at home with their litter and won’t be isolated.
Start by checking cat breed websites, such as The Cat Fanciers’ Association, The Fanciers Breeder Referral List, and The International Cat Association.

, Try rescuing a Wegie through a rescue organizations, such as Rescue Me! and The Purebred Cat Rescue.

Pet adoption websites may help you find a Norwegian Forest Cat you can adopt.
You can also check your local shelter.

, Finding a Norwegian Forest Cat can take time. Breeders generally don’t allow kittens to be available until 12 weeks of age, and some wait until 16 weeks. This helps properly socialize the cat.If you want to adopt or rescue, you may need to continue searching for the right cat.

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