How to Identify a New Zealand Dolphin



Spot these dolphins virtually anywhere off the coast of the South Island and off the west coast of the North Island.,
Identify the major characteristics of Hector’s Dolphins.,
Look for them in muddy, turbid waters such as can be found around estuaries.,
Realize that these dolphins aren’t that acrobatic, they rarely leap out of the water, usually coming up to breath in a pretty calm, un-showy fashion.

Try spotting one near a boat.


Blunt headed and only around 1.38m long, these guys stand out from other Cetacea. They are patterned with black, pale grey and white.
The dorsal fin is small and round and bellies outward, uniquely to this NZ dolphin.
Males and females are the same in appearance to all intents and purposes. Hector’s Dolphins are rarely seen more than 10km from shore.

, If you’re in this kind of area and see a dolphin, you may have spotted a Hector’s.

,, They are often curious and will check out stationary boats to see what’s going on on-board. The Maori word for Hector’s dolphin is Tupoupou.

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