How to Identify a New Zealand Dolphin



Understand that these are the dolphins you are most likely to see!,
Look for their obvious beak.,
Notice the size.,
Look for their behaviour.,
Spot these grey and white guys anywhere around the coast of New Zealand munching on squid and small fish.

As you may have guessed from the name, they are one of the commonest dolphins in New Zealand.

, If the upper surface of the flippers is dark with the sides of the flipper being distinctly yellowish or with a beige tinge, it’s a Common Dolphin.

, If you can get a sense of scale, a fully grown Common Dolphin is about 2.6m.

, These dolphins are active and playful, and they some times hang out with their cousins, the Dusky Dolphin.

These are called Aihe by Maori.

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