How to Identify a Munchkin Cat



Look for unusually short legs.,
Notice a long body.,
Assess the rest of the body.

The most defining characteristic of a Munchkin cat is that they have extremely short legs. The front legs average around three inches long. The rear legs may be the same length or slightly longer., Due to the short legs, the body length of this breed looks extremely long. The body is around the size of a medium-sized cat. This breed weighs between four to eight poundsThis breed is often compared to a Dachshund due to the long body and short legs.

, The Munchkin cat generally has a broad, round head that is considered a modified wedge. The ears are medium-sized triangles. The eyes are large, walnut-shaped, and wide set. The tail and neck are medium-thick.The breed has both a short and long-haired variety. Because they are outcrossed with domestic cats, there is a wide variety of colors and patterns.

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