How to Identify a Munchkin Cat



Look for a fast, agile cat.,
Expect a loving, affectionate pet.,
Be aware of their love for shiny objects.

Munchkin cats have a lot of energy. They are very fast, and often can be seen running around their house. They love to chase anything from mice to toys. Though they have short legs, that doesn’t stop them from jumping and climbing, even if it takes them longer.They often stand on their hind legs to investigate their surroundings.

, This breed is very social, so expect the cat to be outgoing and friendly with people and other pets. They often wrestle and play with other cats and cat-friendly dogs. They love attention from their owners, and love to curl up in your lap.This breed is great with children.

, One unique characteristic of this breed is their tendency to steal shiny objects and hide them. They also will take their favorite toys and place them somewhere they can find them later. Don’t be surprised if you find this cat borrowing some of your shiny belongings.Because of this, Munchkin cats have been described as the magpies of the cat species.
Try to put away any objects that the cat may try to steal or chew on. If these small objects are swallowed, the cat may choke. Some small objects, such as button batteries, can kill the cat if swallowed.

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