How to Identify a Maine Coon



Look for a friendly demeanor.,
Check for a love of water.,
Look for “dog-like” behaviors.,
Get a genetic test.,
Monitor the cat’s health.

Maine Coons are well-known for their friendly, relaxed personalities. They get on well with children and other pets. If this sounds like your cat, you might have a Maine Coon., Maine Coons enjoy splashing and spilling water. They’re even known to splash about in toilets. If your cat seems to have a special fascination with water, it’s possible the cat is a Maine Coon., Most people know that dogs are generally extroverted and faithful. Maine Coons, likewise, are renowned for their reliable and outgoing behavior. If your cat greets you in the morning and when you arrive at home, it might be a Maine Coon., Another way to identify a Maine Coon is to get a genetic test. This involves a vet or other medical professional taking a DNA sample from your cat. Typically, this is done by swabbing the inside of your cat’s cheek for skin cells or clipping a bit of its fur. The vet will then use this biological sample to compare your cat’s genome against known Maine Coon DNA and look for a match.Genetic tests are about 90% accurate.

, Maine Coons typically have good health. However, they are susceptible to two conditions. One is HCM, a condition that causes the walls of the heart to thicken. The other condition is feline hip dysplasia. This condition causes the hip to buckle under the Maine Coon’s own weight, causing pain and arthritis.The breeder you obtain your Maine Coon from should screen for HCM before you purchase it.
Because Maine Coons are naturally large, there is little you can do to prevent hip dysplasia. Your vet will help you treat your cat should it develop this condition.

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