How to Identify a Laperm Cat



Check for the curly coat.,
Notice hair in and at the top of their ears.,
Look for the bottle brush or feather plume tail.,
Pay attention to its small size.,
Notice its extended length.,
Check for the wedge-shaped head.,
Expect an affectionate cat.,
Look for a trickster.,
Notice a climber.,
Pay attention to a quiet cat.,
Check for a social cat.

The main identifier of a LaPerm is its curly, fluffy coat. These cats can be longhair or shorthair, but either way, the coat is wavy. Often, it kind of poofs out around the cat, and some of these cats even have ringlets.The fur is very soft, and it comes in a variety of colors. The most common colors/patterns are ginger, tabby, or tortoiseshell.;
, These cats almost always have hair growing inside their ears. In addition, they’ll often have hair growing at the very tip of the ear, as well. Check for these features when identifying the LaPerm., The tail of a shorthaired LaPerm is generally distinctive. It looks most like a bottle brush, so you’ll be able to spot this characteristic right away. In longhaired LaPerms, the tail is very fluffy and curly, looking most like a feather plume., These cats are usually pretty small by weight. Generally, they range in size from 5 to 8 pounds.The largest cats of this breed only reach about 10 pounds,and the males are usually bigger than the females., While the cat is fairly small, its body is closer to medium or long in length. It also has long legs. This feature, combined with its small size, makes for a somewhat lanky cat, though it has plenty of muscle for getting into mischief., Another distinctive feature of this cat breed is its wedge-shaped head. Also, its features are generally rounded, including its ears, though its eyes are usually almond-shaped. Both of these features (the eyes and ears) stand out a bit., While these cats won’t be on your lap every second of every day, they do enjoy affection. They will leap on to your lap for cuddle time if the opportunity presents itself, and they will often be nearby, following you around the house., These cats are clever, and they enjoy getting into a bit of trouble every now and then. For instance, you may notice that a closed door suddenly decides to open with these cats around (particularly if the door has a lever handle). They may also steal items when you’re not looking.The cat may also paw at you when it wants attention.

, These cats like to be up high so they can take in the whole scene. Therefore, they may hop up on your shoulder, or they may pick a high spot in the room to survey what’s going on. They like high cat trees, for instance., These cats are not particularly talkative. They may occasionally have something to say and issue a meow or two, but for the most part, they’ll show you what they want rather than making noise about it., That is, this cat gets along with the whole family. They are affectionate with kids and adults alike. They also do fine with other pets, including dogs (as long as the dog is friendly towards cats!).

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