How to Identify a Korat Cat



Look for emerald-green eyes.,
Check for round eyes.,
Look for silver-blue fur.,
Look for a single medium-length coat.,
Check for a heart-shaped face.,
Look for large ears.,
Look for a medium build.,
Look for front legs that are slightly shorter than rear legs.

Korat cats are born with blue eyes, but their eyes will turn to amber sometime in the period between their birth and the cat’s fourth birthday. Then, sometime between the cat’s second and fourth birthdays, its eyes will turn a bright green. If your cat has emerald-green eyes, it could be a Korat., Some cats have slanted or angular eyes. Korats’s eyes, however, are large, round, alert, and luminous. If this sounds like your cat, you may have a Korat., Korat cats have what is described as a bluish coat (in fact, it’s closer to a brown or gray color). The fur is tipped with silver, giving it a kind of shiny quality, especially where the hair is at its shortest., Korat cats only sport a single coat of medium-length fur, with no undercoat. Run your hand over the cat you’re trying to identify in order to determine if it has a double coat or a single coat., Korats have pointed chins and a brow that slopes toward the center of their foreheads. Combined with their round eyes, you should be able to notice a sort of heart shape to the cat’s face.The Korat’s face is characterized by smooth, curved lines.
The Korat’s nose will have a slight downward curve to it.
Korats have strong and well-developed jaws.

, Korats’ ears are wide at the base and flare up into a rounded top. The ears are located relatively high on the head. The outer edge of each ear aligns with the outer edge the cat’s head. The ears are relatively hairless inside, and have short, close fur on the outside., Korat cats are medium-sized cats with broad chests. They are rather short and thickset, but their bodies are free of sharp joints or hard lines. The females are generally smaller and might seem almost dainty., Korat cats’ legs are proportional to their bodies and end in feet that are oval-shaped. Each front foot has five toes, while each rear foot has four toes. Korat cats’ paw pads are covered in dark blue or lavender fur.

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