How to Identify a Javanese Cat



Find a reputable breeder.,
Ask for breeding papers.,
Use DNA testing.

If you are looking to buy a Javanese cat, it is important to find an upstanding, reputable breeder. Make a list of breeders in your area who deal with Javanese cats and look into their reputations with vets, friends with cats, or cat societies. Breeders should be knowledgeable about Javanese cats and should be registered with a cat society.For instance, visit the Cat Fancier’s Association, Inc.’s website for breeder referrals (by state and breed) at

, A guaranteed way to identify a Javanese cat is to look at its breeding papers, which a responsible breeder should be able to produce. Breeding papers are registration papers issued by a cat registry attesting to the fact that the cat or kitten in question is a purebred. Good breeders should be registered with a cat registry and produce breeding papers as well as pedigree papers, which show a cat’s direct lineage., DNA testing is a reliable way to identify a Javanese cat. Home DNA testing kits will allow you to collect DNA from a cat (usually by means of a cheek swab) and mail it to a laboratory for analysis. Look online to comparison shop for DNA testing, which can range between $50-$150 and usually produce results in a few weeks after your sample is mailed.Note that mid-priced test kits can distinguish between more breeds than the less expensive ones, so investing more money may yield better results.

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