How to Identify a Javanese Cat



Note friendliness with people.,
See how easy it is to train.,
Listen for a distinctive voice.,
Watch for jumping.,
Expect some mischief.

Javanese cats are incredibly social and very inclined to be around people. Observe the level of friendliness and interest in your activities. Javanese cats not only like to be around people, but to involve themselves in whatever they are doing.A Javanese cat is likely to shadow you and perhaps even emulate you by copying your actions (such as opening cupboard doors).

, Javanese cats are highly intelligent and known for being easier to train than other breeds of cat. For instance, you might be able to train a Javanese cat how to play fetch or retrieve things for you. Additionally, it may adapt easily to being walked on a leash., Listen for frequent and friendly vocalizing to identify a Javanese cat. Javanese cats love to communicate, but tend to be quieter than their Siamese relatives. This breed is likely to “talk” to you regularly, and not just out of perceived necessity (e.g. hunger, fear). , Javanese cats are athletic, agile, and curious, and they can jump to great heights. Watch for a cat of this breed to jump onto countertops, bookcases, refrigerators, and other high surfaces with very little effort. Its slender, muscular body allows it to leap with ease., Javanese cats are friendly, well-tempered cats, but their curiosity and ability to get themselves into just about anything can lead to some mischief. Look for incidences of rambunctious curiosity or exploration (e.g. removing all the items from a purse, or emptying a tissue box). The breed’s dexterity, mobility, and intelligence make tasks like opening doors, getting into cupboards and drawers, and climbing tall furniture very easy.

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