How to Identify a Japanese Bobtail



Check the cat’s tail.,
Look at the cat’s head and face.,
Note the cat’s body shape.,
Look for a calico coat.,
Distinguish Japanese Bobtail from other short-tailed cats.

The most recognizable characteristic of Japanese Bobtails are their tails. Their tails are very short, and are kinked and curved. For this reason, their tails often look as though they have been docked, but this “bobbed” appearance is entirely natural.Their tails can either by flexible or rigid. They rarely extend more than three inches from the cat’s body.
Japanese Bobtails’ tails are covered in tufts of hair. This makes their tails look more like rabbit tails or pom-poms than most other cats’ tails.;
, Japanese Bobtails have triangle-shaped faces, similar to that of a Siamese cat. They have high cheekbones, oval eyes, and long, prominent noses.Their ears are large and relatively far from one another. Their ears also face more sideways than forwards.
Eyes are often blue or gold in color, and are often uniquely patterned. Heterochromia, or different colored eyes, is somewhat common in this breed.

, Japanese Bobtails have especially long hind legs, which give them a recognizable body orientation. You’ll also notice that their rear hips are slightly higher than their shoulders.In terms of size, Japanese Bobtails are small to medium sized cats, weighing between five and ten pounds.

, Japanese Bobtails can have long or short hair. They also have coats of various different colors and patterns, but often have coats featuring three different colors. Most of the time, their coats are mostly white with patches of color at their head and tail. Patches can be red, black, white, and grey.Long-haired Japanese Bobtails have longer hair on their tail and rear legs. Their tails often like pom-poms. Many also have tufts of hair around their ears and on their toes, much like wild bobcats.

, While there are other cats with naturally short tails, they are not closely related genetically. The most recognizable distinction is the tail. Japanese Bobtail tails will vary from cat to cat, but will only rarely extend more than three inches from their bodies.Manx, which are another type of short-tailed cat, can have tails of many different lengths.
American Bobtails also have tails that are shorter than most cats. However, their tails resemble a half-length tail, as opposed to a bobbed tail like that of the Japanese Bobtail.

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