How to Identify a Japanese Bobtail



Listen to a Japanese Bobtail sing.,
Note their sociability.,
Observe the cat for a while.,
Consult a cat breed expert.

These cats are known for making a wide range of noises, and like to chirp and meow in a seemingly conversational manner. Some listeners describe their voices as musical, as these cats are capable of making noises in various tones.Try to speak to a Japanese Bobtail. They will very often respond with noises of their own.

, Japanese Bobtails tend to get along with children, adults, and other pets. They are almost always amicable, even during travel. Many Japanese Bobtails even like to perch on people’s shoulder to observe what is going on around them.These cats are especially likely to jump up on your lap while you’re working on a computer or watching TV.
When a doorbell rings, don’t be surprised if they run to see who it is.

, Japanese Bobtails are notoriously curious and intelligent cats. They like to use their paws to play with water, toys, and whatever else catches their attention. They will also carry things around in their mouths, and will play games like fetch and tag with you or other pets., If you want to know more about your cat’s breed, you have several options. Your vet may be able to point out relevant characteristics, and can confirm that a cat is likely descended from one breed or another, at least in part. Note that most cats genetic lineage includes multiple breed influences.If you want to know your cat’s literal genetic lineage, you can have tests done by a veterinary genetics laboratory. Costs and procedures vary.

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