How to Identify a Himalayan Cat



Look for mild-mannered characteristics.,
Expect to find the Himalayan on low surfaces.,
Anticipate a low activity level.

Himalayans are quiet, calm cats. They can be quite sedate, and are very affectionate and love sitting in a human’s lap. Though they like to be around their humans, they don’t require a lot of attention and do well alone.Himmies like to play, but they do it in their own calm, slow way.

, Unlike many cat breeds, Himalayans aren’t big climbers or jumpers. This is due partially to their shorter legs. Instead of jumping onto counters, tall furniture, or cat trees, they stay lower to the ground.Himmies prefer to sit on chairs and couches than high shelves or platforms.

, The Himalayan cat is not an extremely active or energetic cat. Most of the time they are calm and placid, but occasionally they will have bursts of energy. They enjoy playing with different kinds of toys. Mostly, a Himalayan will prefer to be in your lap, doing whatever you’re doing, or napping on the couch.Because of this, Himmies do better with older children than younger ones.
Himalayans like playing fetch. They also enjoy dangling toys and even balled up pieces of paper.

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