How to Identify a Havana Brown Cat



Recognize the Havana brown’s unique head shape.,
Look for large, upright ears.,
Look for clear, bright green eyes.,
Check for a brown, smooth, and short coat.,
Assess the cat’s general body shape and size.,
Recognize the friendliness of a Havana brown.,
Look for an inquisitive personality.,
Anticipate having a moderately active cat.,
Look for a balanced temperament.

The Havana brown’s head is often described as light-bulb shaped. The skull is round and the muzzle sticks out from the skull very distinctly. The junction between the head and the muzzle should be very clear. The muzzle should be rounded and relatively narrow in comparison to the rest of the head.;
, The large ears stick up and are forward tilted, which makes it appear alert most of the time. They are rounded at the tips and cupped at the base. There is very little fur inside the ears, so the difference in color between the cat’s coat and the inside of the ears is distinct.The large ears of the Havana brown should not be so large that they dominate the look of the head. Unlike a Siamese, which has distinctly huge ears, the Havana brown has large but proportionate ears.

, A Havana brown cat should have solidly green eyes that are oval in shape. The eyes should be uniform in color and the greener and deeper color of the eyes the better.The cat’s eyes should be medium sized and should be set well apart from each other, meaning that the eyes are not squeezed together towards the muzzle., The Havana brown’s coat is a very distinct brown color that is rich, warm, and consistent. In fact, the breed was originally bred to create a naturally brown cat. This color tends more towards reddish brown than blackish brown and the coat should also appear smooth and glossy.The coat of a Havana brown is short. As such, they don’t tend to shed very much.
If the cat is purebred, there should not be any variation in coat color.

, The Havana brown is a medium-sized cat that has an athletic frame and skinny legs and tail. It is generally well proportioned, with a medium long neck and a torso that is medium in length.Male Havana browns tend to be slightly larger than females.

, Havana browns need to have interaction and companionship from their owners in order to be happy. They are a social breed that enjoys spending time playing and snuggling with their family members.They tend to get along with other cats, as well as other species and humans. This means that they tend to be great members of the family.
Don’t be surprised if your Havana brown comes up to you, puts its paw on your hand, and meows at you as if it is talking to you.

, Havana browns tend to be very intelligent and playful. They are naturally inquisitive about their environment and tend to investigate everything around them.Havana browns are known for reaching out their paws and touching things in their environment in order to investigate them.

, Havana browns are not simply couch potatoes. They love to play and run around, especially if they have other cats to play with. That being said, they would not be considered hyper or overly active, as they also love to nap and lay around for part of the day.If you have a Havana brown, it is likely that the cat will love playing with a feather on a string or a laser pointer.

, Overall, the Havana brown is cat that has a wonderfully balanced temperament. They are inquisitive and smart but they also love to be affectionate and have companionship as well.Havana browns are moderately active for a short-haired cats. They may run around your house like crazy for a bit but they also love napping or snoozing in someone’s lap.

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