How to Identify a Devon Rex Cat



Feel for a curly coat.,
Weigh your cat.,
Look for large eyes on a small face.,
Look for large, bat-like ears.,
Look for a long, thin neck.

Devon Rex cats are known for their unusual curly coats. Their fur grows in ripples and waves, often having a suede-like feel. They are shorthaired cats, and their curls are short and dense, a bit like a Poodle’s.

A Devon Rex’s coat can come in any number of colors.;
, Devon Rex cats are medium in size, typically ranging from 6-9lb or 2.5-4kg. If you want to weigh your cat at home, a good method is to weigh just yourself, then weigh yourself holding your cat. The difference will be the cat’s weight.If your cat is more than .5lb or .25kg outside this weight range, it is unlikely to be a Devon Rex.

, Devon Rexes have eyes that are exceptionally large in proportion to their petite head size. They are often described as looking like aliens or pixies because of their otherworldly looks. If your cat’s eyes are far bigger than a normal cat’s, they may be a Devon Rex.Devon Rex eyes come in many shades, so color is not a good indicator of the breed.

, The Devon Rex’s ears are large, triangular, and bat-like with deep cups. They are particularly impressive compared to the breed’s small, wedge-shaped head. Many Devon Rexes have small wisps of hair sticking off the tips of their ears. Inspect your cat while you are petting them to examine the ears more closely., Devon rexes have slim, dainty necks, which look unusual compared to their expressive eyes and large ears. Look for an elongated neck where the fur is thinner than on the body.

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