How to Identify a Cornish Rex



Look for social, highly active behavior.,
See if it likes to fetch.,
Notice if it loves warm places.

Most cats of this breed enjoy being petted and interacting with people. Their well-muscled thighs make them agile, powerful leapers.With such a social personality, these cats make great family pets.

, The Cornish Rex is often described as “dog-like”. This breed loves to play, and is known to fetch and return objects. If you suspect a cat is a Cornish Rex, toss a toy and see if it brings the toy back to you., Most cats like to bask in sunlight, but the Cornish Rex is especially fond of warm places. A Cornish Rex will constantly seek out warmth due to its short, thin coat.Because of its thin coat, a Cornish Rex also feels surprisingly warm to the touch. If you’re caring for one, consider buying it a sweater to keep it warm.

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