How to Identify a Chartreux Cat



Look for a short grey coat.,
Look for a smiling face and narrow jaw.,
Recognize the Chartreux’s round and golden eyes.,
Assess the cat for a muscular build.

The coat of the Chartreux is distinctive. It is a grey color that is sometimes described as silver. The fur itself is napped in appearance, meaning that it shows breaks in the fur due to it being a double coat.The Chartreux is always grey. If your cat is a different color, then it is not a Chartreux.
The Chartreux is one of only three cat breeds that is always grey. The two others are the Russian Blue and Karat.;
, The face is often a good indicator to help tell cats apart. In the case of a Chartreux cat, you will see an apparent “smile.” This smiling style of face is the result of how the tapered muzzle of the cat is structured.

Although the Chartreux looks similar to a grey British Shorthair, the Chartreux has a differently shaped face. While the British Shorthair has a very rounded face, the Chartreux has a more svelte and narrow jawline., When identifying a Chartreux, you should look at the eye color and shape. Most strikingly, the eyes should be bright golden, orange, or copper colored. The eyes are generally round, with corners pointing high on the outside and low on the inside. The eyes look large and open, giving the cat an alert expression.When differentiating the Chartreux from the British Shorthair, remember that the eyes on a Chartreux will not be quite as round as those of a British Shorthair.

, The Chartreux is a large to medium-sized cat that has a muscular build and fine-boned limbs that are fairly short. Make sure your cat has a deep chest, broad shoulders, and a long body for its size.A Chartreux’s paws look small in comparison to its body size.

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