How to Identify a Chartreux Cat



Discuss your cat’s breed with a veterinarian.,
Talk to an expert in Chartreux cats.,
Have DNA testing done.

Veterinarians tend to see a wide variety of types of cats. If you want verification about your cat’s breed, talk to your veterinarian. They should be able to identify common breeds.

If your veterinarian doesn’t know your cat’s breed off hand, they may be willing to do some research for you.

, Because Chartreux cats are very rare, you may need to get information from an expert in order to get breed verification. Contact breeders that specialize in the breed and ask for their help identifying a Chartreux.

There are not many breeders of the Chartreux. This will make it likely that you will need to send them photos instead of having them inspect your cat in person.
Lists of reputable breeders that might be able to identify your Chartreux can typically be found on the websites of breed appreciation groups or general cat organizations, such as the Cat Fanciers’ Association.

, The best verification you can get it through a DNA test of your cat. To get DNA testing done, contact a company that does pet DNA testing. They will send you a DNA sampling kit that will have supplies and instructions for collecting a sample of your cat’s saliva. Once you collect it, you will send it back to the company so it can be analyzed in a lab.The company will send you the results of your cat’s test once they are complete.

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