How to Identify a Chartreux Cat



Notice a quiet temperament.,
Look for inquisitive behavior.,
Notice a playful and athletic disposition.,
Recognize an affectionate personality.

Expect the Chartreux cat to be very quiet. These cats do not make much noise at all. Indeed, some will only meow or chirp for attention occasionally and some are completely mute.Chartreux cats were named after the Carthusian monks that they lived with in France. It just so happens that they are also quiet like the monks., The Chartreux is known to be very intelligent and curious. They can turn on light switches, open doors, and even set off alarm clocks while playing with the buttons.Chartreux cats can often be trained like dogs. With some effort you cat teach them to do a variety of tricks, such as fetching.

, The Chartreux cat has fast reflexes and is extremely good at hunting and chasing after toys. It loves to play and run around with other cats and will spend a lot of time playing with its humans.Because the Chartreux is so playful and smart, it’s important to stimulate their brains in a variety of ways. Give them lots of toys and puzzles to occupy their minds and bodies.

, The Chartreux is very affectionate and sweet with companion humans. It is a very personable cat that is considered a good cat with families with children.This cat does tend to bond with one person. However, it is typically still affectionate toward others in the household, including dogs.

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