How to Identify a Burmilla Cat



Check the fur.,
Look at the cat’s head.,
Look at the cat’s ears.,
Check the forehead.,
Look at the cat’s eyes.,
Observe the basic contours of the body.,
Check the cat’s limbs.,
Weigh the cat.

Burmillas tend to have sparkling silver fur tipped with brown, blue, caramel, red, cream, black, or a tortoiseshell (multicolored or calico) pattern.Shorthaired Burmillas have a silky texture to their fur. The coat will feel thick and dense. Semi-long haired Burmillas tend to have a medium-length coat with tufts at their ears and a fringe of fur on the chest, belly, and legs.Burmilla cats will have one of two distinct coat lengths. Some Burmillas are shorthaired, while others have semi-long hair. These are not two different breeds, however. Shorthaired cats can give birth to semi-long haired kittens, and vice versa.;
, The heads of Burmilla cats are gently rounded at the top and have a medium width between their ears. The general shape of the face should resemble a sort of wedge, tapering in from wide cheekbones toward the muzzle. The chin will appear firm with good depth, and should be in line with the tip of the nose when viewed in profile., Burmilla cats have ears that are medium or large with a broad base. The tips will be somewhat rounded. They should tilt forward slightly, something you can see when viewing the cat from the side. When viewed head-on, the outer line of the ear should appear to lead smoothly into the cat’s cheek.Older males might not have ears that lead directly into their cheeks.

, Burmilla cats have a distinctive “M” shape on their foreheads. When examining the cat, look at their forehead for the “M” shape. If present, you might have a Burmilla cat., Burmilla cats have stunning, luminous eyes. The eyes are green and have a range of different hues. Their eyelids are so dark that some breeders suggest that the cats appear to be wearing eyeliner.Younger cats (less than two years old) might have a yellow tinge to their eyes., Burmilla cats have proportional bodies. The back should be straight from the shoulder to the rump. The chest should be rounded and medium in width. Overall the body is medium in length and size.Burmillas are compact but stocky, with heavy bones and substantial musculature.

, Burmilla cats have slender legs, with rear legs slightly longer than front limbs. Their paws should be ovular. The contours of the paws should be discernible and not covered in tufts of wispy fur., Burmilla cats weigh an average of seven kilograms (15 pounds).However, they might weigh up to 12 pounds and still be healthy. If your cat weighs more than seven kilograms, it might simply be obese. Check your cat’s overall dimensions and proportionality against a known Burmilla to determine if it could simply be an obese Burmilla.

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