How to Identify a Burmilla Cat



Monitor the cat’s behavior.,
Monitor your cat’s health.,
Get a DNA test.

Burmilla cats have an extroverted streak inherited from their Burmese ancestors. They can also be affectionate in the same way their Persian ancestors were.Some breeders describe the cat as adventurous but clumsy.Burmillas might enjoy sitting on your lap.
Burmillas might be playful even into adulthood.

, Burmillas are generally healthy. However, they are predisposed to two conditions: polycystic kidney disease and allergies. If your cat has either of these conditions, you might have a Burmilla on your hands.Alternately, if you know you have a Burmilla based on other criteria, have your cat screened for these conditions to prevent or attenuate health problems that might arrive later.

, If you’re still unable to determine whether you have a Burmilla cat based on its behavior and appearance, you could get its genome partially sequenced. The vet will check your cat’s DNA by taking a sample from the inside of its mouth, then checking it against that of a known Burmilla specimen. To have DNA testing performed on your cat, contact your vet.

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